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Why is word-of-mouth-marketing-still-important-today?

Why is word-of-mouth marketing still important today?

To put it simply, word-of-mouth marketing is like customer reviews. And we all know what customer reviews do to business!

Let us break it down now. Every business in today’s day and age takes a lot of time and effort into marketing itself. Why? Because when a business is positioned right in the marketing world, it is also positioned right in the business world. Marketing is what gives the target audience reasons to associate with the business.

Marketing in itself has a huge scope to it. We have print marketing, and digital marketing- which again includes a wide variety and then there is the time-honored word of mouth marketing. But what is it really? Word of mouth marketing is nothing but when people pass on the word about a business, a product or a service verbally and share their views on it.

Why is it still found important, even after the world has gone cyber? You see, word of mouth marketing is what shows us the reality of a business, its products or its services. Advertising, while it shows and emphasizes on the best features of the company, word of mouth marketing talks about the behind-the-scenes reality of how the company really is. Let us look at an example. You come across an advertisement on LinkedIn for a beauty service where that promises good quality services for low prices, and you decide to try it out. So you book an appointment for 2 days later. But in the meantime, a friend of yours talking about the same company where he/she had booked an appointment for 2 days later but the beauty professional did not show up. Would you still go ahead with the appointment? No right?

That is exactly what word-of-mouth marketing does. It digs deeper than the eye-pleasing, catchy marketing that a business does and puts the fine print on display. It keeps businesses in check and makes sure that they do not advertise to mislead.

Word–of–mouth marketing also has the ability to travel around fast. Another example- you and a group of friends go out for dinner to a restaurant where everything, right from the food to the service, everything was exemplary. Now the restaurant may or may not advertise, but you are sure to leave a review as well as suggest the same place to other people, and pretty soon, the restaurant will become a very busy place with customers walking in for a great dining experience.

Word-of-mouth marketing is also the only form of marketing where investing time and money into the customer is enough. The business need not invest a huge chunk of money in it to get the word spread. Let us look at this scenario- A person buys a house from a real estate agency and is satisfied with the price, service, legal safety, location, and everything. He received everything as promised by the agency. Now he goes around telling his family and friends about his great experience with the agency. Does the agency pay him to do so? No. But he does it because he is extremely happy, whereas real estate investments can be tricky sometimes.

Word-of-mouth marketing reflects on the quality of the business as well. When there is positive talk among the target audience, it means that the business is delivered with quality. When there is negative talk among the target audience, it means that the business is not meeting the expectations that it has set for itself in the mind of the audience. Needless to say, people will always share their experience- great or not with a specific business. With this form of marketing, a business either gain a bigger audience or paves for its competitors.

So to answer the question about its importance in simple words, word of mouth marketing gives the consumers a much-needed reality check away from the fancy, catchy marketing that happens on huge billboards and on the digital platform.

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